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What to expect on a Sunday morning.

paul preachingWelcome! Whether you've just moved to the area or have lived here all your life, we know that going to a church for the first time can be hard and churches can be very different from each other.  We hope our pages will help make it as easy as possible to discover what we are really like.

Our Church meets every Sunday at 10:30am at the Dingle Centre for tea, coffee, biscuits or cakes . The service starts at 11am and normally finishes around 12:15pm to 12.30pm. 

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When and where?

Dingle centreThe Dingle Centre located off High Street (A54).  The building can be easy to drive straight past!  For directions see below:-

From Chester

Coming from the Chester direction: - once on High Street (dual carriageway) you will see the Library and Dingle Centre on your right, you will need to drive past them (as you are not allowed to do a u turn at the traffic lights by St Andrews Methodist Church) turn right and then turn around somewhere safely and re join High Street.  Take first left before Dingle Centre and park in the Library car park. The main entrance to the Dingle centre is by the Library.

Towards Chester

After roundabout take second left off High Street (first left is traffic lights, second left Dingle Centre is just in front of you.)  Park in Library car park

By foot

Dingle Centre is located on High Street, however the entrance is located on the other side of the building.

What should I expect when I visit Overflow Church?

Overflow Church has a very relaxed family atmosphere.   On arrival you will be greeted and offered refreshments and have the opportunity to meet people.  As a church we love worshipping so normally have around 30 mins of worship. However each week is slightly different - varying from a guitar and worship leader, to mp3 tracks to a few musicians.  Each week we have a relevant, inspiring and challenging Bible based preach.  It's important for us to have an opportunity for people to be prayed for at the end of the meeting.  After the meeting finishes most of us stay around for more tea or coffee and cake!  This is a great time to ask any questions you may have and get to know people. As part of our family environment we all chip in and help tidy up. 

What happens to the children and youth at the Overflow Church? Storehouse meeting with KidsBeing a church that the whole family can be involved in and feel part of is really important to us. Here at the Overflow Church we love to include the whole family and to show God's heart. We also have a heart for worship and we love it when the kids and young people worship God and get involved. We are super-relaxed, happy to have little ones around and don't mind a bit of noise and chaos. We also have amazing groups for kids and youth that happen after worship - all aimed at being fun and creative while learning more about God and growing in a relationship with Him. The kids and youth have lots of opportunities of being part of the Church including by leading worship and helping to lead meetings. 

All our activities are ran in line with our safeguarding policy for any child/young person to attend any Overflow Church activities please click here to download and fill in a consent form, and hand it back to a leader, the forms are updated yearly to keep our records up to date.

Click on the tabs below for more details for each specific age group.
Creche (6 months to 3 years)We currently don't have a formal creche, however there are toys provided at the back of the meeting room for your child to play with during the meeting. Don't worry if they make some noise as they play and express themselves during the preach or if preferred they can join in the Kids Group room where there are also toys provided. However little ones would need to be accompanied and supervised by a parent/carer.  As a need for a creche arises we will jump at the chance to start one. 
StonesReception - School Year 6We usually all start in the same room together and then split into age-specific groups.  Each week is slightly different.  The heart behind our children's and youth work is that we don't want to just teach Bible stories but we want the children and youth to have the opportunity to encounter God for themselves and build their own relationship with Him.  We aim to make our Kids Work a space where not only kids love it but adults wish they could be there. Sessions normally include games, crafts, interactive fun and relevant Bible-based teaching. We encourage the children to develop their ability to hear God and to pray for each other. We have even been treasure-hunting, which they loved! 

You will need to go with your child and register them the first time they attend. 

To find out all the other children's activities please click here.
School Years 7-9Currently they join the kids group and also split for age appropriate discussions.  We are keen to start a Youth Group where they can develop and build on their relationship with God.  To find out all the other youth activities we do please click here.
School Years 10-13Currently stay in the main meeting which are delivered in a way that is relevant for young people and adults.  To find out all the other youth activities we do please click here.
Is there a dress code? No! Please just be yourself and come dressed however you're comfortable.
Will I have to join in? Not at all.  You are free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you, if you are unsure of anything please ask.
If you are any questions please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know who works in the church office, check out our Staff and Leadership page