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Needing Prayer?

Life can be tough sometimes as a church we believe in the power of prayer and would love to pray for you, whether you have prayed lots before or never prayed before we would love stand with. 

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Here's some answers of prayers from people from our church.  We believe in the God who cares about the small and big issues in our life.

"Due to illness I was only about to work part time on numerous times we were short of money and prayed for God to help.  On many times God provided, one time we had a bill for our car and couldn't afford it someone offered to pay for our car to be repaid."

"I don't know if you are like me but I am not the best with keys and regularly put them down.  I lost my keys again and looked in all the obvious places, no keys and then started to look properly by moving things no keys. I was at the point of perhaps I have actually lost them this time.  I prayed God where are my cars, instantly thought popped into my head they are in the car boot, I opened car boot, and couldn't see them, then again thought popped in look under the blanket and there were my keys.  Personally I believe God put those thoughts in my head revealing that he speaks.  Thanks God for finding my keys just when I was starting to get really worried."