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Missional Communities

Since September, we have been running missional activities once a month.  This means that as a church, instead of meeting all together every Sunday, we meet once a month in smaller groups, this usually happens on the 4th Sunday.

From March, we are launching 2 missional communities.  We would love you to pray about which one you would like to join and would love for everyone in the church to be part of one.

What will they be like?
They will be similar to what missional gatherings have been like and will include the following elements:

  • Fun
  • Food
  • Open to all
  • Great place to invite people to come along

Will there be a preach?
No preaches, but as we are passionate about Jesus and how much He loves us and how much He loves you, sometimes we will do some low key fun activities that help people get to experience who Jesus really is.  

What will be new from 4th Sunday in March?
The difference is that starting on the 4th Sunday in March, each missional community will start to shape what the community does.  This will include the name, when you will be meeting and what you will be doing.  

After the Easter hols, mid week groups will also be meeting in their missional community groups with the new rhythm of

1st Tuesday of month Whole church prayer meeting at Winsford Academy at 8pm
Second week of month  Deeper group (with same people as your missional community)
Third week of month Week off (this week will allow us to have an IPOD, intentional place of discipleship, for those leading missional communities and areas of ministry)
Fourth week of month Deeper group (with same people as your missional community)
Fifth week of month (if there is one) Deeper group (with same people as your missional community)

How do I join one?
We would like you to pray and choose which community you would like to join.  We are excited to announce that one is lead by Gerard and Vicki and one by Sam and Susie.  Paul and Beth will alternate between each community, allowing them to support both communities and help them to keep connecting with the whole church.  We would love each community to have a similar number of people in them, if one has more people wishing to join than the other, we may contact you asking you to consider whether you are happy to join the other community.  We are hoping that this won't be the case and numbers will all work out.  If you have any questions please speak to Paul, Gerard, Vicki, Sam or Susie.

Please click below to fill in the form to choose which community you would like to join (it would help us if this was completed by the 7th March)

Gerard and Vicki Sam and Susie

Upcoming missional community dates. (Please note the 3rd Sunday in June is a missional community and the 4th Sunday in June is the church weekend away)

Sunday 22 May
9:30amMissional Community at Gerard... @ At Gerard & Vicki Parsons home
Sunday 22 May
11:00amMissional Community at Colin's... @ Meeting at Colin's house
Sunday 24 July
10:30amMissional Community Gatherings @ Various locations
Sunday 28 August
10:30amMissional Community Gatherings @ Various locations